ProgeCAD Releases AutoCAD Mac Clone Based On ARES

Looks like ITC member ProgeCAD has decided to sleep with the enemy. Today I was sent a link to iCADMac from ProgeCAD, a recently released AutoCAD clone for the Mac based on the ARES CAD engine from Graebert. iCADMac is priced at $1,255.76 $990 in the US and Canada (see update below) with a subscription of $349.99. Incidentally ARES Commander Edition for Mac sits a little lower at $995.

iCADMac comes with full ACIS solid modeling and can be extended by means of plug-ins.

Click image for larger view

As far as I know, ProgeCAD for Windows is still based on the IntelliCAD code from the ITC. Whether that continues to be the case remains to be seen.

Update (24-Jan-2011)

I got an email from ProgeCAD stating that they changed the price in US an Canada to $990