Really Big News From Dassault Systemes And Spatial – Part 5

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One of Spatial’s products is RADF, short for Rapid Application Development Framework. It is basically an integrated development platform that software developers can use to quickly build Windows based CAD applications. Today Spatial release version 3 of the framework. The main new feature in this release is the ability to use RADF for building web based applications apart from building Windows desktop applications, which is what I have been talking about in previous parts of this series.

RADF comprises of thee parts:

  1. RADF Core – The core development platform.
  2. RADF Desktop – An application starter kit for the deslktop
  3. RADF Web – A client-server infrastructure to develop CAD applications that run on the Cloud

Katie Mathews, Spatial’s Marketing Communications Manager, sent me this screen hot and video link this morning.

RADF R3 – a 3D development platform for desktop and cloud-based applications (click image for larger view)

The link to Spatial YouTube’s channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/SpatialCorp which contains a couple of videos highlighting RADF Desktop and RADF Web.