Rest In Peace

“This release, is a tribute to a dear friend of us, ETRiGAN. He passed away on the 28th of November this year from an overdosis of heroin. He will be missed dearly by all of us, who came to know and love him as a brother. Many of you sceners out there, know how we build true friendship, eventhough we rarely meet, for some of us, we never met, but none the less, we still bond. We share our daily lives via the net. Its with great sadness i present to you a ZENiTH tribute release to ETRiGAN. ETRiGAN – We hope you have found peace at last, we wish to thank you one last time for the time you spent with us, you shall not be forgotten.”

So that you may put things into perspective, ZENiTH is a group of softare crackers, ETRiGAN is the one who died and the “tribute release” they are talking about is a crack for a well known CAD software.

When someone dear passes away, a singer will write a song as a tribute, a poet will write a poem. It’s only fair that a cracker will write another crack.