Siemens PLM Software Name Change

In a comment to my previous post titled “The Diminishing Significance Of PLM” mentioning Siemens PLM Software replacing “PLM” with “Industry” in its name, Brad Holtz wrote:

“Until Siemens actually goes public with a name change, any reference to a potential change, particularly when you aren’t giving the actual name, seem more confusing than helpful. My opinion.”

SYCODE is a Siemens partner and according to our agreement if either party changes its name or constitution, the other party needs to be notified. I received a letter from Siemens a few months ago regarding the name change.

Anyways this is public information already and no big secret. Take a look at this link. This is a UK government web site showing Siemens PLM software, which was formerly Unigraphics Solutions Limited, changed its name to Siemens Industry Software Limited on 1st April 2010. I’m sure you can find equivalent web site listings for US and other countries.

Click image for larger view