Solid Edge ST3 3D Graphics Performance

A while ago I had conducted a 3D graphics performance comparison of a number of CAD systems, in which Solid Edge ST2 didn’t perform quite well as compared to the others. At that time I was advised by Solid Edge users and Siemens PLM executives to redo my test after installing Maintenance Pack 8 of ST2 because they had done some graphics improvements around that time. I did that and noticed only a marginal improvement in the 3D graphics performance. But not to the tune that people were claiming.

According to Siemens PLM, Solid Edge ST3 which was released today has 4x better graphics performance. So lets see if that is indeed the case or just one of those tall claims that CAD vendors are known to make from time to time. Here is the old video of the engine model in Solid Edge ST2 MP8.

And here is a video of the engine in Solid Eedge ST3 I just recorded a few minutes ago.

So does Solid Edge ST3 have 4x improvement in 3D graphics performance? I most definitely think so.