SpaceClaim Gets Some More Dough

These days it’s nice to hear that a company has received additional funding from its investors as opposed to receiving bailouts from the government. Today SpaceClaim announced that it has secured another round of funding from its investors in order to “fuel ongoing investments in R&D and drive market demand for SpaceClaim’s 3D Direct Modeling solutions“. A cool 7 million.

From an earlier article on this blog:

“Ever since SpaceClaim appeared on the scene, people (me including) have been talking about when they will be bought and by whom. I wanted to hear it directly from the horse’s mouth. So I asked Chris [Randles, the SpaceClaim CEO]. “I have not heard anything to that effect“, he quipped. “SpaceClaim is on solid footing. In these bad times when money is not easily available, we are getting ready for another round of funding. This goes to show that our investors are strong and believe in what we are doing.