SpaceClaim Reacts to Synchronous Technology

I asked Mike Payne, CEO of SpaceClaim, if he had anything to say on the “breakthrough” Synchronous Technology unveiled by Siemens PLM Solutions today. As it turns out, he did.

“I am very impressed that Chuck and his team have chosen to imitate SpaceClaim. It gives us validation that we are on the right track, and delivering what people want. As you saw in our latest product release we have taken this simplicity even further with our “3D On-Ramp™” approach which combines the simplicity of 3D modeling pioneered by SpaceClaim, with the familiarity of 2D. I am sure that Chuck will imitate this, as well, in the next release of NX, and come up with another great name for this technology.”

As regards to the similarity to SpaceClaim, Mike was of the opinion that “it almost looks like SpaceClaim, even down to the Gizmo!”

I think Siemens has helped add a zero to the price tag on SpaceClaim Corporation.