Comment Moderation

I do not moderate comments on this blog for a variety of reasons:
1) Blogger’s anti-spam feature works fantastic.
2) I want to have a free and fair two way conversation with my readers. You can call me a jackass and it will stay there. However, I expect you to explain why you think I am one.
3) I also want my readers to have a two way conversation between themselves without me interfering and taking sides.
4) I live in India and most of my readers happen to be on the other side of the planet. The time difference is bound to make a very slow and staggered two way conversation.
5) Due to the nature of the stuff I write here, a reader may feel the need to comment anonymously. So I allow anonymous comments as well.

In fact, the only comments I delete are those which have no relevance to the conversation or which are written with an ulterior motive of driving traffic to another blog/site without a good enough reason.

So why am I telling you this? Well, it has been brought to my notice that some readers are pretending to be someone else when commenting on this blog. I can solve that problem by enabling OpenID for comments. Blogger added that feature some time ago. But then we lose the ability to comment anonymously.

I guess we are all grown up and decent people. It is not a problem that our views point in different directions. That’s what makes life interesting. I appreciate the time you take to read this blog and comment on what I or other readers have to say. I do not want to moderate this blog or disable anonymous comments. So please don’t make me.

Now be good and get back to work.