Survey on Software for Design and Engineering

Cyon Research is conducting a survey of users of software for Design and Engineering. The survey includes questions related to the kind of tools that users are using, how they spend their money when it comes to making decisions on upgrades, maintenance, training, etc. I am curious to know the responses to this particular question: “What’s keeping you from changing to a different CAD software?

You can receive the results of the survey free of cost by entering your contact information. Normally the report would cost you $1995. Taking part in the survey also gives you a chance to be considered for an invitation to COFES 2010. If you wish to have a one-on-one meeting with executives or managers of software vendors to further discuss the topics covered in the survey, Cyon Research can help make that possible as well.

The results of this survey are not just useful to software vendors and their resellers. End users can also use the results to see where they stand in the big picture. What are the current trends in the industry and ask themselves why they are or are not following these trends.

Click here to take part in the survey. I highly recommend it.