SYCODE Plug-ins Ready for AutoCAD 2010

With AutoCAD 2010 shipping from today, I am pleased to announce that SYCODE’s AutoCAD plug-ins, all 22 of them, have been updated to work with AutoCAD 2010 (32 bit and 64 bit). This means that we now support an entire decade of AutoCAD. To emphasize my point I will list all the versions of AutoCAD that our plug-ins work with:

AutoCAD 2000
AutoCAD 2000i
AutoCAD 2002
AutoCAD 2004
AutoCAD 2005
AutoCAD 2006
AutoCAD 2007
AutoCAD 2008 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)
AutoCAD 2009 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)
AutoCAD 2010 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

So now we get to use this pretty logo.

At SYCODE we are committed to developing and providing support for our plug-ins for versions as early as is technically possible and feasible. I know this sounds like a line from a press release, but we actually are committed. In fact, once every while we regretfully turn away prospective customers who ask us to add support for AutoCAD 14. AutoCAD is such a fantastic piece of software, that versions more than a decade old are still in use today, something which Autodesk, in a way, may not be too happy about. But this really goes to show the kind of software that has been coming out from that company.

AutoCAD 2010 has been built using a new compiler and hence all plug-ins needed to be recompiled using the same compiler. While the porting was mostly uneventful, the process of testing each and every command in each and every version of AutoCAD was quite a long one. Apart from a few minor issues, I would say that the update happened quite to my satisfaction.

However, I must admit that this “forward thinking” way of naming software has wreaked havoc with my already convoluted mind. Just the other day, someone returned one of my checks because I dated it with the year 2010. You stare at a window called “AutoCAD 2010” long enough and 2009 begins to look like last year.