TerrainCAD for Bricscad

Today SYCODE released TerrainCAD for Bricscad, a DRX plug-in similar to TerrainCAD for AutoCAD. So that makes it a clone for a clone. Funny, but that is precisely what Bricsys is trying to do – encourage third party developers like us to port our existing AutoCAD plug-ins to Bricscad. Two words on the Bricscad V9 splash screen sums up their strategy – “Enabling Applications”.

It is no secret that the “Powered by IntelliCAD 6 Technology” is going to soon disappear from the splash screen as Bricsys proceeds to severe it ties with the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. And rumor has it that another ITC member may be walking out of the door.

I believe IntelliCAD 7 is going to be a make or break release for the ITC. All the members I met at the ITC World Meeting in Athens were very enthusiastic about IntelliCAD 7. What surprised me was that most of them were skeptical as well.

I am eagerly waiting for IntelliCAD 7, although I know it is going to be a long wait. Our DRX plug-ins will be ready when IntelliCAD 7 is. It is left to be seen whether the ITC members will repeat the old IntelliCAD 6 mistakes and mess around with the core IntelliCAD code.

I have taken a decision. Any ITC member coming up with a non-standard version of IntelliCAD 7 can take a hike. At SYCODE we will not build variants of our DRX plug-ins to suit their variant of IntelliCAD 7. Period.