The Largest Producer of CAD Software

Today SYCODE released seven data exchange add-ins for Autodesk Inventor. And in doing so, we now offer a total of 101 products. Yes, I know. They are just small utilities. But then, we are just a small CAD company based in Goa (India), trying to make a small difference.

CAD software companies are notoriously known to pump up numbers and use them in their marketing campaigns. Today I will try and send a major shockwave through the CAD software industry by making the following statement:

“SYCODE is the largest producer of CAD software on the planet.”

…to the best of my limited knowledge, I must add. Now that I have got your attention, I guess you may be interested to know how I arrived at this simple yet profound statement.

Software is abstract. Unlike cars, you do not have to create software from scratch every time you want to sell a license. The largest producer of cars would be the company which actually builds the largest number of cars. But the largest producer of software would be the company which builds the largest number of products. So going by my skewed logic, SYCODE beats Autodesk, PTC, Dassault Systemes and Siemens PLM Solutions, as well as every other CAD software company I have heard of.

Autodesk, the world’s largest CAD software company, has 77 products. PTC comes quite close with 98 products. I did not have the time, not the patience, to figure out the exact number of products that Dassault Systems and Siemens PLM Solutions offer. The product pages on their web sites are far too tangled. From their site map I am guessing that Siemens offers about 80 products. Since I cannot figure out Dassault’s exact number I will play the “to the best of my knowledge card” and claim that the number is under 101. If you feel I am wrong, please feel free to sue me. This is marketing, honey. Anything goes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let the concerned people know that I am currently entertaining offers in excess of 10.25 billion. And that’s in Euros. I don’t do USD anymore.