The Plan

I come from an average middle class Indian family and my life appears to be following pretty much the standard plan. When you are in college, you have all these wild things that you want to do and have all the time in the world to do them and but cannot because you have no money. You then take up a job and start making some money. Most of us join the rat race and work our asses off for someone else till we retire. A very few of us (like me) break out from the rat race, become entrepreneurs and make others work their asses off for us. Unknowingly, I have ended up working my ass off far more for myself, than what I would be doing if I were still in the rat race. At this stage in life, while I have all the money in the world to do the wild things that I wanted to do when I was “young”, I simply cannot find the time to do it. According to the plan, this will go on till I retire. At that point, I will have all the money and time at my disposal, but my screwed up health will make it physically impossible for me to do the wild things that I wanted to do for all these years.

I don’t like this plan and I have decided to do something about it. Iron Maiden is coming to Bangalore this Sunday and I am going to see them live in concert. I have found an equally frustrated friend who does not like the plan either. We plan to keep our wives and kids at home, fly our asses to Bangalore, stay in the best hotel, get ourselves stoned, find a place in the mosh pit, headbang till we can do it no more and fly our asses back home.

This sounds like a much better plan. My ultimate wish is to see Pink Floyd live in concert before I die or before they die, whichever is earlier.