The SpaceClaim Growth Story

The beauty of not being a public company is that you don’t need to disclose your numbers. And the beauty of being a start-up is that your numbers start from zero which makes your percentage increase numbers look very good. However as years go by, history starts building up which ends up telling an entirely different story. One that is a little closer to reality.

SpaceClaim has been spitting out it numbers in percentage increases for some time now. Mainly two numbers – percentage increase in sales and percentage increase in new customers. Yesterday the company issued a press release announcing that its “new license sales increased by more than 110% in 2011“. So I’m guessing that this year neither number looked good. So they mixed them both and did a percentage increase in sales of new customers.

Since SpaceClaim is telling us numbers in percentage increases I think its only fair that we compare the company’s performance using those numbers. So digging through similar press releases of previous years I cooked up this interesting looking chart. But I’m not sure how to figure out 2011. Can you? šŸ˜‰

Either way it seems like pretty soon SpaceClaim will need to stop using percentage increases to show their growth because history is adding up and their charts aren’t going to look pretty going forward.

In other news, the company announced that it has completed its Series D financing which brings the total investment to $11 million. It also doubled the numbers of authorized resellers, which now sit at “more than 100”.

Ah! At last we are beginning to see some real numbers.