Think3 Restarts Operations

Dr. A Ferri, the court appointed trustee of think3 has “restarted operations” at think3. Today the think3 web site has this inviting “Come In. We’re Open” sign on its home page.

This takes you to a notice that reads:

Upon authorisation of the Appointed Judge of the Court of Bologna dated 4 May 2011, Think3 Inc. restarts its operations pursuant to Section 104 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law. Think3 Inc. will be managed by the trustee, Dr. A. Ferri, and the Creditors’ Committee, under the supervision of the Appointed Judge.
As a consequence, Think 3:
– provides customer care services, with its long trained personnel and through its official website THINKCARE;
– manages the licenses and the activation codes;
– sells its products directly through the authorized dealers.

Just yesterday I had a think3 customer send me an email expressing concern about getting his think3 software activated the next time his machine ID changes. I guess this answers his question, at least for now.

As I see it, this is becoming a bloody mess. I want to know more about the composition of this Creditor’s Committee. What is their agenda? Is it just  to get their money back? Of course, they need to get paid. They didn’t work or offer goods and services for free. But what is the long term plan here? I am talking about the future of the think3 product line and the customers who invested in it. Is anyone looking out for them?

The fact is that think3 cannot be run by a committee. If Versata is not the way think3 is headed then Dr. A Ferri and the Creditor’s Committee, with the blessings of the judge, all need to sell the think3 IP, that they claim to have legally repossessed, to an able CAD vendor. My question is if no CAD vendor wanted Think3 or its IP before, why would they want it now? A lower price? Maybe. And by the way, which CAD vendor would want to touch the think3 IP in this mess and take on a legal battle with Versata? If reports are to be believed just about all of think3 developers have been fired or laid off. Is the Creditor’s Committee going to hire  them back and continue developing the think3 line of products?

On their part, Versata has vowed to fight it out in court (see “Versata Vs Think3 Administrator“). I don’t like this one bit. If any of you can shed some light on the Creditor’s Committee or where I can contact them, leave a comment or drop me a line at deelip (at) deelip (dot) com. All my efforts to contact the trustee have been in vain. On the contrary, Versata has been very open and have replied to just about every email that I have sent them. Not taking sides here. Just stating facts, that’s’ all.