This is Depressing

This morning Indians woke up to the horror of the worst terrorist attack that we have ever faced. With more than a 100 people dead and hundreds more injured we still have a hostage situation at the Trident hotel.

Terrorist attacks have been fairly common here in recent times. We have had serial bombs blasts in crowded markets, trains, buses and buildings. These were carried out by cowards pressing a button from some safe place. But nothing like this – maniacs armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and grenades, opening fire indiscriminately at railway stations, on streets and taking hostages at 5 star hotels. This is unprecedented.

Personally, my feelings towards these kind of mind wreaking incidents have evolved over the part few years. First it was shock and disbelief. As the frequency of these incidents increased it turned to anger, first towards the terrorists and then towards the government for failing to keep us safe. As the terrorists continued to strike as will, it turned to helplessness. I now feel depressed.

There is a limit to how much we as a country can take. We crossed that limit years ago. I am sorry. I am just rambling. I cannot put my mind to doing anything worthwhile today.

This is depressing.