Travelog (Day 2) – Airports and Airplanes

Five airports and four flights later, I finally find myself in a room at the Hilton in  Anaheim, the home of Disneyland and SolidWorks World 2010. SolidWorks World starts on 31st January. But I decided to arrive on 29th to ensure that the jet lag is completely taken care of. Tomorrow I may visit Disneyworld. I say “may” because I am not sure I can bring myself to go there without my two boys. If they come to know I went to Disneyworld they will lynch me when I get home.

Nothing much to add to my travelog today since I have been holed up in airplanes and airports for most of the time. However, I would like to mention the fact that on my fourteen hour flight from Delhi to Newark, I was seated next to a Buddhist monk. Yeah, I know that’s hardly exciting. But what I found utterly amazing was that this 75+ year old fellow sat looking at a blank screen for almost all of the fourteen hours. He hardly slept and I don’t remember him even getting up to take a leak. It was as if he was some place else. I don’t believe I could ever sit tight doing absolutely nothing for fourteen hours. Even if I got myself completely stoned.

Anyways, ignore me. My head is screwed on all wrong today. My watch is suggesting that I have lunch. So I will proceed to do exactly that.