Travelog (Day 20) – Going Home

OK, that’s it. My travelog is coming to an end. Tonight I start my long journey back to India. Long because I have back to back flights that are 5, 5.5 and 15 hours respectively with about 3 hours waiting time at each intermediate airport.

Actually I am flying more than halfway around the world. From Hawaii I first fly to San Francisco, then to Newark and finally to Mumbai. Common sense dictates that it would have made more sense to fly back to India the other way around, cutting across the International Date Line via New Zealand, possibly. But somehow these crazy airlines do not consider that as a round trip, when actually I going as “round” as I can possibly can. For them “round” means that you fly back the same way you flew in.

This has been a long and fruitful trip. I have a question for those of you who kept track of this travelog. Seriously, didn’t you guys have anything else better to do? 😉