TweetDeck Installation Error# 2032 Resolution

I am among the the 4% of people that use TweetDeck. Yesterday, all of a sudden TweetDeck gave up on me. I could not send or receive updates. I assumed something on my computer automatically updated itself which caused TweetDeck to stop working. So I went to the TweetDeck web site to download and install the latest version in the hope that the problem would be resolved. I clicked on the “Download now, its free button“.

Clicking the button started an Adobe AIR installer but stopped with an error message stating: “The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author“. The error number reported was “Error#2032“.

I tried everything, but no joy. I even uninstalled Adobe AIR, got the latest version from Adobe and tried installing TweetDeck again. Nothing.

Then I did something that I should have done before – turn to Google. Someone else facing the same problem solved it by bypassing the part which causes the error window to pop up. He did so by downloading the .air file from TweetDeck.com and running it locally on his computer. In guess, internally that’s precisely the same thing that happens when you click the “Download now, it’s free” button, but something between that click and installing the .air file is probably coming in the way.

So for those who may be facing the same problem, you can download the .air file from http://downloads.tweetdeck.com/TweetDeck_0_31.3.air and simply run it locally on your computer. Note that you may have to adjust the name of the file depending upon the version of TweetDeck. Today (28th October 2009) the file is called TweetDeck_0_31.3.air, which stands for version 0.31.3, as can be seen from the first image above. Hopefully by the time you are reading this TweetDeck does not change the location where it keeps the .air file. And hopefully someone at TweetDeck will solve this problem before that and you don’t need to read this to begin with.

Happy tweeting!