Versata In A Soup

One of the questions posed by my readers to Versata which I listed in my post titled “Questions Submitted To Versata” was:

Considering that there could be a possible roll back of the acquisition (at least some people think so), wouldn’t any payments made now be at risk? What do you have to say to comfort customers?

Today the think3.com web site has this notice:

On 2 May 2011, the trustee of Think3 Inc., appointed by the Court of Bologna, terminated the license agreement with Versata FZ LLC, pursuant to section 72 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law (Royal Decree no. 267 of 16 March 1942). As a consequence, starting from 2 May 2011 Versata FZ LLC cannot license Think3 products and/or use tradenames of Think3.

In a related development Versata has postponed the webinar that was scheduled for today by two weeks. I assume they will need the time to rework the presentation. Or maybe use the time to come up with a whole new one.