VX Innovator Lite for $95

Today I received an email from VX with the subject “Innovator Series – 3D Design, 2D Drafting, data translation – $95”. The body of the email looked something like this.

Click image for larger view

Further down the email the prices of VX Innovator (not Lite), VX Innovator Pro and VX Innovator NC were listed as $499, $999 and $1499 respectively. Out of curiosity I clicked the “Claim your Promo Code” at the bottom of the email and was taken to a page on the VX store that looked like this.

Click image for larger view

I was quite surprised to find that VX Innovator Lite was priced at $495. I went ahead and started the ordering process. I could not find any number that looked like $95. There was something about downloading a trial in order to get a promo code. So I decided to do that. That added an item called “VX Innovator Lite (30 Day Trial) priced at $0. I decided to play along and went ahead and placed my order. $0 costs nothing right?

Sure enough I received an email from VX containing my order information, a link to download the software and a promo code. I went back to the VX store and used the code. The code gave me a $400 discount and the priced dropped to from $495 to $95.

I must say, this has got to be one of the most convoluted ways of offering a discount. Anyways, it looks like VX had done an Alibre. This is getting pretty interesting.


Jarrod Schmidt, Product Marketing Manager of VX, just let me know that the VX store has been updated to make things less confusing.