What's New In Solid Edge ST4?

Solid Edge ST4 is due to be launched on June 15th. However, Siemens PLM is already briefing the media about the new features under embargo. We are being allowed to share only some of this information at the present time, I guess with the aim of generating interest up to the launch.

Siemens is moving the annual release cycle of Solid Edge up by a few months. Normally new versions of Solid Edge are release around October. Apparently, the company has figured out that October is not a good time to release new versions. So they are moving it up to June. Due to this Siemens PLM didn’t get enough time to do major stuff in this cycle – things like developing Synchronous Technology further. Instead most of the new stuff in ST4 is basically fulfillment of customer requests and minor additions to existing features.

Yesterday Kris Kasprzak of Siemens PLM gave me a hour long briefing on the new features of Solid Edge ST4. The content of this post is what I found interesting in the subset of new features that Siemens PLM is willing to disclose for now. Obviously Solid Edge ST4 will have a lot more. Kris split the new features in Solid Edge ST4 into four categories:

(1) Advanced Machine Design

The Path command is now available in XpresRoute and can be used to create curved tube components

Rounds can now be added a Assembly features. Also rounds and chamfers are now supported as Assembly Driven Part Features

(2) Expanded Collaboration

Parts and assemblies can be saved to 3D PDF files complete with PMI, dimensions and annotations. The 3D PDF of assemblies contain the entire Assembly structure as well.

Solid Edge Draft text box now supports both single line as well as multi-line text entities stored in AutoCAD files

(3) Simulation For Sheet Metal

Hybrid shell and solid simulation for complex designs

(4) World-Class Drafting

Better display of broken views. You can also have horizontal and vertical breaks in the same view.

Radial hatch patterns used to show growth rings in wood