When Will Alibre’s $99 Offer End?

As Alibre would have liked, there has been quite a bit of noise about their $99 offer. However, everyone can’t help wondering how long this offer will last. It looks like Alibre is keeping its options open by not specifying an expiry date for the $99 promotion.

A user on the Alibre forum wondered, “I guess the offer will end when V12 comes out”. To which Max Freeman, Alibre VP of Marketing replied, “It will not run longer than v12 – it may not run longer than the next 20 days.”

As an aside, in my earlier post I mentioned a tweet by Franco Folini calling Alibre’s $99 offer a “bad idea”. Just so that there are no misunderstandings, I am listing a comment posted by Franco on IntelliCAD.net. This is what Franco wrote:

“I just want to clarify my opinion. I deleted my tweet because it doesn’t properly describe my opinion and can be misleading. I believe that Alibre decision represent a strong change in their way to approach the market. My personal interpretation is that it’s a marketing decision rather than a sales decision. The purpose (I assume) is to attract attention to the Alibre product line. Differently from many other CAD systems in the low price segment, in my opinion Alibre Standard fully deserve every single dollar of the original $999 price. While it may not be easy for resellers to handle a low price product, for sure it is a unique opportunity for customers.”