Why Did 3D Systems Acquire SYCODE And Print3D?

If I decide to write a FAQ on the acquisitions of SYCODE and Print3D by 3D Systems, the first question would be a plain and simple “why?”. I have been asked that question over and over again. And for good reason, I might add. Randall Newton, Managing Editor of GraphicSpeak and my good friend, has done an excellent job answering that question in his article titled “3D Systems buys Sycode and Print3D.com for the Deelip mojo“. Here is part of the very well written article:

While there were the usual jokes about COFES attendee CEO Deelip Menezes scoring a big payday or buying rounds in the hotel bar, one word kept cropping up: Why? It was like the prom queen just eloped with the guy who works in the school cafeteria, and everybody asks, “What does she see in him?”

For those who don’t know, GraphicSpeak is a publication by Jon Peddie Research, a technically oriented marketing, research and management consulting firm based in Tiburon, CA. JPR recently acquired Randall’s publication called VEKTORRUM and re-branded it as GraphicSpeak. Yesterday I received the second issue of “GFX Speak”, their monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe.