ZWSOFT Announces A Shipbuilding Win

Chinese AutoCAD clone developer ZWSOFT has announced a major win in the shipbuilding industry, a company called Deltamarin.


Incidentally, Deltamarin has been selected by Blue Star Line to design the Titanic II, a replica of the original RMS Titanic which is scheduled to sail from Southampton to New York on her maiden passenger voyage in 2016.

Deltamarin specializes in consulting, design and engineering ranging from small concept development tasks and studies to complete engineering packages. They use ZWCAD+ in the ship designing workflow.


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Why ZWCAD+ and not AutoCAD? The press release issued by ZWSOFT quotes Jadwiga Sztelwander, Director of Deltamarin Poland:

“We use ZWCAD+ to simplify design work and editing. A wide range of functions and flexible licensing of product allow us to work comfortably and without any problems. The functionality of ZWCAD+ certainly meets our requirements.”