Autodesk Releases New Product called “AutoCAD Inventor”

Here is a box shot of a new product that Autodesk released today called “AutoCAD Inventor Professional Suite 2011”.

Click image for larger view

OK, the last time I tried an April Fool’s prank, it didn’t go off that well. I don’t think this one will go well either. So this is to let you know that Autodesk gave not-for-resale versions of AutoCAD and Inventor to all the members of the press attending the Manufacturing Tech Day event. This is just the box that contained the DVD’s. 😉

  • kellings

    Deelip, Autodesk changed the name to “Autocad” Inventor starting with the 2010 release of Inventor.

    I don't think it was a very good idea.

  • I think it is a horrible idea, one that I believe has been fixed in 2011, or so I am told.

  • sdotson

    No, it's till AutoCAD Inventor. Which I agree is a horrible idea. It's like calling a car a Taurus Fusion. AutoCAD is a brand, not a company name.

    But you can see what they are trying to do from a marketing perspective. It's so amusing to see how they distanced Inventor from AutoCAD for many many years. Google “The Inventor Mantra”. Now it has come full circle and they are trying to play off each other.

  • Then there is AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite…