New AutoCAD Design Tools

Tomorrow the AutoCAD team is going to unveil some “new tools for design”. Here is their YouTube teaser video.

In recently years Autodesk has been adding more and more 3D design capabilities to AutoCAD. I’m pretty sure that these new design tools will be along the same lines. They had better be.

  • Randall Newton

    Apparently, as a vendor who masquerades as a tech blogger, you were not invited to the NDA preview. 

  • John

    They announced AutoCAD 2012, LT 2012 and WS 2012 for Mac (Lion OS).

    The comments were generally pretty negative.  People wondered why Autodesk is devoting so much hype to a platform that is not widely used in the CAD market.

  • Anonymous

    @John – Growth potential.  Apple Mac OS X market share is steadily increasing.  Creative and design types also appreciate the hardware and software.  Most Macintosh CAD users run architectural applications and Autodesk saw that many customers were moving over to other Mac CAD applications. 

  • John

    Then why didn’t they port Revit to the Mac?