Deelip.com Joins SolidWorks Partner Program As Research Associate

Ever since I started writing about the products that I develop plug-ins for, I have been walking a fine line. The companies I previously owned had formal partnerships with the CAD vendors due to which I got access to early builds of software and a great deal of confidential information, almost all of which was kept clear from the CAD media for weeks if not months. Actually I get two sets of briefings from the CAD vendors, one with marketing fluff given by the marketing and PR folk, and the other by people in the product development team as they updated their partners on the changes being made to their products. As you can imagine I have to be careful and keep the information I receive separate and not mix up my notes, so to speak.

Now that I have sold Sycode and Print3D to 3D Systems I have started the process of moving their partnerships over to 3D Systems and creating new partnerships for Deelip.com. I decided to do this in order to keep things clean and separate as I no longer own those businesses. As a first step I have enrolled Deelip.com into the SolidWorks Partner Program at the level of Research Associate.