The Question Mark

Looks like Siemens PLM is using my interview with Jeff Ray as a stick to beat up SolidWorks. And they seem to be doing do in a questionable manner. Martyn Day of DEVELOP3D wrote a piece about my interview on the DEVELOP3D blog titled “The death of SolidWorks?” Note the question mark.

Today at a Siemens PLM event, that post showed up on one of the slides. But interestingly the question mark was “conveniently” hidden. This image is from a tweet from Roopinder Tara.

Needless to say, Al Dean from DEVELOP3D is pissed. He replied to Roopinder, “I’m not in the slightest bit happy about how they’ve handily covered the question mark.” Then added in another tweet, “What pisses me off is that we go out of our way to make sure we quote people accurate. Seems its a one way deal.

Update (3-May-2011)

See Al Dean’s comment (second) below.


  • Personally, I’d be careful who I misrepresented 😉

  • Just got a call from Jim at Siemens about this and it turns out that the blue rectangle of text that covers the offending punctuation was part of an animated slide deck (why do you call it a deck? – anyway.. back to the story).

    So, it seems that I’m the pedant for jumping to conclusions too quickly…

    At least my heart’s in the right place eh?


  • Roopinder Tara

    I took the picture and I can verify that the article appeared with full title at first, but as Siemens PLM CEO Tony Affuso made his points, the rectangle appeared which obscured the question mark.