Alias Design For Inventor – Part 2

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One of the videos Anirban sent me was about creating a handle using Alias Design for Inventor. This reminded me of the handle surfacing challenge that Matt Lombard held on his blog last year. If you look at the feature trees of the entries submitted you will get a pretty good idea how much thought, planning, time and effort went into coming up with just the basic shape of those models.

Take a look at this video showing the creation of a simple handle using Alias Design for Inventor.

This was a fairly simple handle. But say you wanted to add more surfacing detail and mess around with G2 continuity and stuff like that you can do that quickly and easily. Take a look at this video.

And of course, if you want to do design variations and multi body stuff you will need to do some upfront planning and spend a little more time and effort.

The number one complaint from Inventor users has been the need to spend an additional $4000 for this functionality. I am hoping someone at Autodesk sees the sense in putting this wonderful Alias Design freeform surfacing goodness into Inventor. It needs to be in Inventor. Period.

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