3D Graphics Performance Comparison – Part 14 (PowerSHAPE)

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PowerSHAPE is the CAD system from UK based Delcam. I had not included it in my initial comparison. I asked Delcam if they wanted me to include PowerSHAPE in this series. They promptly sent me a license. Ray Russel, Delcam’s graphics guy tells me that the PowerSHAPE’s default graphics settings were good enough. But he asked me to ensure that vertical syncing was turned off in my NVIDIA control panel. See figure below. NVIDIA turns it off by default anyways.

Click image for larger view

Here is a video of me navigating around the engine in PowerSHAPE 2010.

As you can see there is some scope for improvement, especially when compared to the CAD systems that have been rated high in this comparison. There is one thing that really bothers me about Delcam’s graphics – its display quality. Take a look at this image.

Click image for larger view

I think this can be made a lot better. I’m not sure why everything has to be so bright. Apart from being hard on the eye, it makes it difficult to inspect the model. I think it has something to do with the default lighting or material properties. But clearly something is just not right. In my opinion, Delcam has quite a bit of work to do with regards to graphics to come on par with others in the industry. The performance is pretty good. They just need to improve their display quality – a lot.

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