News Alert – Alibre 2010 Design Contest

Alibre has announced its 2010 Design Contest. And they are going all social with it. To enter into the contest you need to simply post your design to your account at, the brand new social network started by Alibre. The winners will be decided by users themselves. The design that gets the most “likes” on the social network wins. You don’t need to submit your CAD model. Just a screen shot or a render will do.

These are the prizes:

  • $1000 – Best overall design
  • $500 – Runner up (Mechanical)
  • $500 – Runner up (Non-mechanical)
  • $250 – Honorable mention
  • $250 – Honorable mention
  • $250 – Honorable mention

A while ago I had written a post titled “Surfacing In Alibre Design” where I modeled a rose using the solid modeling tools in Alibre Design. The other day, when trying out the features of I uploaded the screenshots in that post to my account. I’m glad someone at Alibre thought of adding a non-mechanical category for the prizes. πŸ˜‰