82% Discount on AutoCAD?

Looks like its Autodesk’s turn to do an Alibre. Someone on Twitter asked me:

heard abt Autocad’s reduction in China from 35000 RMB to 6000 RMB? this move is believed to last till Jan.2010. any opinion?

That’s allegedly a whopping 82% discount. Check out this page on the Autodesk China web site. I don’t understand Chinese and neither could I find an English page explaining this offer. So if someone can make sense of this offer, I would appreciate it you left a comment explaining it. From what I am given to understand, the numbers on the banner are part of a countdown clock.

Update (3-Nov-2009)

Click this link to read article regarding Autodesk’s offer. The article is in Chinese and the link will pass it through Google Translate. So do bear that mind.

Update (5-Nov-2009)

And here is ZWSoft’s response.