Alibre’s 10% Price Guarantee Offer

In an earlier post titled “Alibre’s $99 Offer Continues“, I wrote:

I am now beginning to wonder whether we will see Alibre Design Standard back at $999 in November, where I believe it belongs, or will we see another continuation of the $99 offer?

November has come and Alibre has come up with another offer. Alibre has got into the habit of sending “advanced notices” of its press releases to bloggers a day before actually issuing the press release. Last night (for me in India) Michael Hayden, Marketing Manager of Alibre sent me one such advanced notice of a press release that will be issued today announcing a new price guarantee whereby you can buy Alibre Design V12 for 1/10th of the best price being currently offered by any other CAD vendor or their reseller. As Paul Grayson, CEO of Alibre, puts it in the press release:

Now we are also guaranteeing, that no matter what price the quote, no matter how low the other guys go, we will beat them by a factor of 10. It doesn’t matter if the quote is for SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer, etc. – any quote for any software product that offers comparable functionality will be beaten by a factor of 10.

According to Ralph Grabowski you can get Inventor LT for $595. So that that mean that you can now get Alibre Design Standard V12 for $59.5? I guess the answer to that depends on the logic that Alibre uses to compare Inventor LT with Alibre Design Standard.

Alibre believes that MCAD software is extremely overpriced and is hell bent on doing its bit to drive prices down. However, the problem with running offers back to back is that some people end up waiting for a future offer which they feel may be better than the current one. I am expecting the December offer to be more spectacular. Its going to be Christmas after all.