A Couple of Surveys

Your email address could now be worth close to $4,000. Cyon Research is conducting a follow up survey to the one they did with Merrill Lynch last summer. That was a survey on CAD/PLM users, the report of which was published this January and could be purchased from Cyon Research for $1,995.

This survey is titled “Cyon Research Survey of Users of Software Tools for Design and Engineering” and I am told that its report will also be priced at $1,995. However, if you take part in this survey and submit your email address, you will be entitled to get its report for free. And what’s more, you will also get the report of the CAD/PLM survey for free as well. So that adds up to a cool $3,990 worth of reports.

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Brad Holtz of Cyon Research is also conducting another survey with Peter Marks and Jim Brown for a presentation at COFES 2009 (which I will be attending). This survey is titled “Engineering Software Market Outlook Survey” and is aimed at determining the impact of the tattered world economy on engineering software. This one has just nine quick questions. You can keep an eye for the results of the survey on this blog.

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The first survey is meant for end users of engineering software and will be open for two months. Whereas, the second survey is meant for end users as well as software developers, VAR’s, vendors, etc. and will be open for only two weeks.