Bricsys Developer Meeting

Bricsys is taking the fight up Autodesk’s alley. They are organizing a Bricsys Developers Meeting this May. Basically a two day seminar for application developers to help them port their existing AutoCAD plug-ins over to the Bricscad platform. Bricsys could not be more clear in their message.

“Most DWG application developers have their roots in AutoCAD and have built business on it. With the recession hitting hard globally, many AutoCAD users and clients want to cut costs. Bricsys is your partner to minimize expenses on the CAD platform side so that you can maximize revenue on your applications. The only thing you have to do is recompiling your code for Bricscad.”

The seminar will be held at the Bricsys European headquarters in Ghent, Belgium on May 26 and 27, 2009. You can have one-on-one business and technical meetings with Bricsys management and developers on the days before and after the meeting. If you want to attend the meeting, click here.

You may not find me at the meeting as I will already be spending the first few days of May at the Bricsys headquarters in Ghent on my return from the ODA World Conference in neighboring Holland.