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Angry Birds In 3D

Today my boys asked me to print them an angry bird. Not just any angry bird. But that weird fellow that boomerangs. A quick Google search led me to this Angry Birds collection of 3D models. I download the bird who the author has named Greenarang, loaded it into the Cubify Client software and in a couple of hours I had a 3D printed angry bird.

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As you can see the author of the model has already split up the 3D model into two halves. This is so that the bird gets printed without the need for supports.

The boys are now busy flinging the poor bird and expecting it to boomerang back to them. That hasn’t happened as yet. 😉


Update (26-Aug-2012)

This morning I decided to pull the leg of my four year old son Russell and asked him why his Greenarang didn’t come back to him like a boomerang. He looked at me and said “That’s because this is not the real one.” Amazing!! The boy is convinced that the digital bird he flings around on my iPad is the real one and the one in his hand is not. 😉