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3D Printing For Eight To Eighty Year Olds

One of the reasons 3D Systems acquired my companies last April was to have me grow my team in India and build Cubify. I still remember the day 3D Systems CEO Abe Reichental dropped me off at my hotel before I took my flight back to India after the acquisition. As we shook hands he said to me, “We need to build something where an eight year old to an eighty year old can experience the wonders of 3D printing“. He then continued, “Its not going to be easy. But I think it’s going to be fun“.

Today I can say that we have achieved this goal. Take a look at what my eight year old son Reuben designed for his mother.

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This is the recently launched Cubify Rings app, thanks to the wonderful web 3D technology that we got when we acquired My Robot Nation.

When I saw what Reuben had designed I wanted to tell him that the Cube may not be able to print the ring because he used the smallest sized parts, some of which were very intricate. However, I didn’t want to discourage the boy. So I kept quiet. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Cube print this.

Not to be outdone my younger son, four year old Russell, designed a ring for me while sitting on my lap in front of my laptop and clicking away at the mouse. He came up with this.

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A very simply design – just a crescent moon and a star. I’m wearing it as I type this.

3D printing for eight to eighty year olds indeed.