AutoCAD 2009 – Shaan Spills The Beans

I sometimes wonder why companies make such a big hue and cry about their Non Disclosure Agreements. Maybe because they think that keeping something secret and then leaking it out makes it more interesting than making it public to begin with.

SYCODE is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network and we are given early access to products in development, which is a good thing. We are also bound by an NDA that keeps us from opening our traps. And then I read Shaan Hurley’s interview in AUGIWorld Magazine wherein he (very tactfully) gives a “sneek peek” at the next version of AutoCAD.

“An interesting idea might be a future UI enhancement to take advantage of new operating systems and offer more productivity. Perhaps users would like an expansion of the Microstation DGN format to include V7 versions…[snip]… What would you say to a kind of macro that would eliminate the need to write customization for small repetitive tasks? Imagine programming without any code! You would be recording and then playing back, but not that simple. It would allow you to insert pause for input, not merely brainless macro recorder.”