Autodesk Manufacturing Tech Day – Dan Francisco

Autodesk has some of the best PR people working for them. Theirs can sometimes be a thankless job. I know I would suck at it – big time. I would like to single out one particular PR person who goes by the name of Dan Francisco. Actually, Dan is not an Autodesk employee, but a contractor who works for the Autodesk PR team.

Dan is my main PR contact for the Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Division. He takes all the crap that I throw at him and sees to it that my questions are answered to the extent that they can be. He puts me in touch with people I want to get in touch with and follows up – every single time. I cannot say the same about some other PR people that I have worked with. I have been giving Dan a hard time for quite a while now and I am pretty sure that he hates the very thought of me. And I have absolutely no problem with that 😉

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