Autodesk University 2009 – Design Slam

According to the Cut&Paste web site, their mission is “to provide channels of visibility and inspiration for designers, both aspiring and established, to reach their existing audience as well as potential fans“. Founded in 2005, Cut&Paste has been organizing Digital Design Tournaments all over the world that serve to highlight the talent and creativity of designers. At Autodesk University 2009, they are holding a Design Slam where contestants will create original 3D work using the Autodesk tool of their choice. Today the audience got to see three particularly interesting individuals showcase their talent and creativity – Carl Bass, Buzz Kross and Phil Bernstein. It nice to see the Autodesk CEO and two Vice Presidents use the software that they sell.

Here are some pictures of the “designers” with their designs..

Cut&Paste Design Slam at AU

Carl Bass using some “secret” software

Buzz Kross using Inventor 2011 (Beta)

Phil Bernstein using Revit