Booze for Breakfast

The Bloody Mary you see in my hand is a special one because that is the very first one I have ever had for breakfast. Yesterday we had breakfast at the Wailea Golf Club and I decided to follow the saying “When in Rome do what Romans do“. As far as alcohol is concerned, I thought I had done it all. Apparently not.

Bloody Mary

I still cannot believe people here have booze for breakfast. Back in India, we have a word for such people. It’s called “drunk”.

And here is something that some of you may not know. Back in India, and maybe other parts of the world, we have something called “mocktail”, which is essentially a cocktail minus the alcohol. They taste deceptively similar to the cocktails and have names that match. For example, the mocktail version of “Bloody Mary” is called “Virgin Mary”. I believe this was designed for women, since it is rather uncommon for women to drink alcohol in India.

Last night we had dinner at a lovely waterfront restaurant in Maalaea. The food was simply out of this world. And so was the ambiance.

With Ron and his lovely wife Rhonda

We eventually did get some business done with some more slated for today. It’s really difficult to talk business in an environment like this.

I leave Hawaii this evening for Boston. PTC is hosting me for a couple of days at their headquarters at Needham. I will be staying with Mark Lobo, PTC’s Director of WindChill CAD Integrations. Mark is originally from Goa and we got to know each other through this blog.

I am getting myself mentally prepared for the long flight to Boston via Phoenix. Usually I refrain from having a drink while flying. But when coming into the US, the Goa-Mumbai-Brussels-Newark-Chicago-Phoenix route really got to me. To put myself out of misery, I decided to have have one. I soon realized that a Bloody Mary at 33,000 feet does far more damage than one at sea level, especially if you have been languishing at airports and changing planes for more than 24 hours before that. I guess I learnt my lesson the hard way.