Today I find myself in the cozy home of Mark Lobo, PTC’s Director of Windchill CAD Integrations. Mark lives in a beautiful town called Ashland on the suburbs of Boston. This is my first time in a suburban town of an American city and it feels wonderful. To give you an idea, Mark’s house is on the edge of the woods and I am told that deer come to graze outside his window.

I arrived into Phoenix from Hawaii this morning and eventually landed in Boston this evening. I lost a few hours along the way and that is probably the reason my mind and body are all messed up right now.

Tomorrow I spend the entire day at PTC, where I believe, I will be put in front of a firing squad, the members of the squad being:
1) Andy Barlow – Senior Director of Business Development
2) John Buchowski – Director of Product Management
3) Tom Shoemaker – Vice President of Product Marketing
4) Asa Trainer – Director of Product Management

The agenda has been pretty much firmed up. It got tweaked a little after I met Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice President (Product Development) during my PTC Vendor Appointment at COFES 2009. I guess the most interesting item on the agenda will be between 9 to 10 am, where I am the speaker and I am supposed to speak on “Overview of SYCODE and Deelip’s perspective of PTC“. If I live to tell the story, I will do so on this blog.

On Friday PTC and Mark are doing something special for me. They are taking me to a baseball game – Boston Rex Sox vs New York Yankees. I don’t know much about baseball, but I do know that this is a big deal. After all, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry.

This is going to be my first baseball game and Mark will need to fill me in on the rules. Back in India, we have something similar called “cricket” in which, like baseball, you basically hit and run. I am curious to see how the Americans do it differently.