Bricscad for Linux

Ever since word got out that Bricsys was developing a version of Bricscad for Linux, people have been bombarding Bricsys with questions regarding it. Luc de Batseiler, CTO of Bricsys, told me, “Every week we get at least 3 to 5 inquiries for a Linux version.” CEO Erik de Keyser added, “People are even offering to pay in advance for it in order to help us fund the development. It’s unbelievable. Money is the least of our problems. Time is.

Now that the rewrite of the Bricscad platform is almost over, Bricsys is free to concentrate on other things, and one of things on their plate is the Linux version of Bricscad. Luc tells me that they intend to release a beta this year. “This is new to us as well, and we do not want to come up with a half baked solution“, he said.

Bricsys has also planned a version of Bricscad for the Mac – native support, not some solution using VMWare or Parallels. There has been some noise from Autodesk on this front as well. It will be interesting to see which company gets there first, Bricsys or Autodesk. Lets see who follows whom.