I have been out of home for 23 days now and have left my wife alone to take care of our two boys – Reuben (5.5) and Russell (1.5). As it turns out, both boys have been driving her up the wall, day and night. I call home twice a day to get a sense of my wife’s state of mind. Slowly but surely I have come to the conclusion that she is going to crucify me when I get home. Moreover the pictures that I have been posting on this blog showing me frolicking around the world have surely aggravated the already volatile situation. And this is a big problem for me.

Eric de Keyser, CEO of Bricsys, today tried to help me solve this problem. I have heard that chocolate does wonderful things to women and Belgium happens to have the best chocolate in the world. Today Erik took me to his favorite chocolate where they make and sell hand made chocolate. Apparently, the owner of the shop has written books on the subject. “Your problem will be solved. I guarantee it. In fact, she will send you back here“, Erik told me as we left the shop. For my sake, I hope he is right.

I leave for home tomorrow morning. This has been a wild trip for me. I rode a Harley Davidson in Hawaii and a cycle in Belgium. I criss-crossed the US, flew to the middle of the Pacific ocean and crossed the Atlantic twice. I have been continuously bombarded with information throughout this trip – COFES, ODA World Conference, PTC and Bricsys.

Now I have only one fear that is gripping me. The fear that Russell will not recognize me when I get home. That will surely break my heart.