Cloud Based PLM On Demand

Prodeos, a French PLM service and consulting company, is offering PLM on Demand using the Cloud. Prodeos is one of Aras’s systems integration partners and has several Aras Innovator instances installed and configured on Amazon EC2 infrastructure. They are offering 15 day trials to make it easier for companies to try Aras Innovator without the hassle of having to install the software on their hardware. Or for that matter set aside some of their hardware to do the testing on stie. There’s more. If you are considering implementing a PLM solution in your company and have a pilot project, Prodeos can quickly configure it for you on one of their Aras Innovator instances.

For those who don’t know Aras Innovator is an open source PLM system developed by Aras. There is no license cost. Of course you need to pay people like Prodeos to implement it in your company. But if you have an internal IT team capable of doing that they all you need to pay is their salary, which you are doing anyways. đŸ˜‰

As regards the pilot project, it will cost you at least 22 Euros a day. This includes the set up of Aras Innovator and technical support. After you are done implementing, testing and validating your pilot project you can continue with the cloud if you desire. Otherwise you can export your database and import it into your own on-site infrastructure.

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