COFES 2010 (Day 2) – Analyst and User Briefings

Along the lines of the technology suite briefings, COFES has something called Analyst and User Briefings, wherein some of the most knowledgeable and experienced industry analysts and users are invited to initiate and lead a discussion on a topic that they specialize in. These discussions happen in a hotel room and often result in lively and sometimes heated debates.

As usual this year also the analysts and users came from a wide range of companies and organizations:

  1. Omid Moghadam (Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School)
  2. Bob Deragisch (Parker Hannifin)
  3. Ken Hall (Gensler)
  4. Deke Smith (Cyon Research)
  5. Dick Slansky (ARC Advisory Group)
  6. Don Brown (Collaborative Product Development Associates)
  7. Richard Riff (Ford Motor Company)
  8. Jay Vleeschhouwer (Ticonderoga Securities)
  9. Jon Jarrett (ATK Launch Systems)
  10. Martin Fischer (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering)
  11. Chris France (Little Diversified Architectural Consulting)
  12. Steve Wolfe (Cyon Research)
  13. Dave Jordani (Jordani Consulting Group)
  14. Allan Behrens (Taxal Limited)
  15. Rick Llewellyn (HDR Engineering)
  16. John Tocci (Gilbane Building Company)
  17. Ivan Panushev (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  18. Rick Stavanja (Wagstaff)
  19. Marc Halpern (Gartner)
  20. Christian DeNeef (Fast Track Consulting)
  21. Monica Schnitger (Schnitger Corporation)

I picked a briefing by Steve Wolfe titled “Coordinating Analysis and Testing”. There was quite an interesting discussion of the issues surrounding co-relating the data accumulated from testing to the data supplied to analysis. I didn’t utter a word and kept my ears wide open as participants voiced their opinions and concerns surrounding this issue. There was a fair amount of sharing of experiences and a lot to take away from this session. Steve did a good job moderating the discussion as well.