COFES 2010 (Day 2) – Technology Suite Briefings

COFES has this concept of a Technology Suite Briefing wherein a sponsor company holds a small discussion in a hotel room with a small audience. You cannot pack many people into a hotel room anyways. The idea here is not to sell your product. COFES attendees are not end users and the event is not a trade show or an annual user gathering. The idea here is to start a discussion on something your company is doing or wants to do.

Day 2 of COFES has two rounds of Technology Suite Briefings, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. You can choose which you want to go to. The briefings for the day were:

Host: Teresa Anania (Director, Industry Management)
Topic: Combining Industry Workflows to Gain Competitive Advantage

Host: Tom Salomone (MDA Segment Manager – Worldwide)
Topic: The Digital Workbench

Host: Don Richardson (Director, Global Innovation and PLM Industry Strategy)
Topic: Extending the Reach of Product Information to the Enterprise and Beyond

Host: John Fox (Director, Product and Market Strategy, Insight Product and Technology)
Topic: Leveraging Analytics to Improve Product Environmental Performance

Host: Leland McLaughlin (Relex, Vice-President of Operations)
Topic: Best Practices in Reliability Management

Host: Tim Bell (Director, Business Development)
Topic: Design for Manufacturing Optimization

Host: Wes Shimanek (Senior Manager, Workstations)
Topic: Leveraging Software and Hardware Advancements

I was unable to attend any of them because I was interviewing CEO Chris Randles and Co-Founder Blake Counter of SpaceClaim. I will post that interview next week once I get back to India. That’s assuming that I can get back to India next week. I was supposed to fly through Amsterdam which is currently shut down. Apparently, someone left the volcano open in Iceland.