COFES – The Oscars of the CAD World

Next weekend I will be attending the Oscars of the CAD World – COFES (the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software), an annual invitation-only event organized by Cyon Research. Take a look at the list of attendees for COFES 2008 and you will understand why I consider this event as the Oscars of the CAD world. Here are some statistics regarding the titles of the attendees:

President 36
Vice-President 35
CEO 31
Director 29
CTO 10
Managing Director 7
Chairman 4
Partner 4

My position is a humble “Contributing Editor, WorldCADAccess and Blogger, Deelip.com“. Looks like I am the only person with the word “blogger” in his title, although some of the press attending are bloggers as well. I hope to blog about COFES 2008 at WorldCAD Access and this blog as well. A look at the schedule makes me wonder whether I will get the time to do so.

Over the past decade, I have corresponded with many of the attendees, mostly through email and sometimes on phone. It will be great to meet them in person. And I am flying half way around the world to do just that.