Cube And Cubify On CNN And Forbes

Yesterday the soon to be available Cube 3D printer made it debut appearance on CNN. 3D Systems President and CEO Abe Reichental took a few Cubes to CNN’s studio in Atlanta and gave the world a glimpse of what’s to come their way. Here is the news segment.

The tag line of the video mentions that the Cube can print stuff from shoes to prosthetics. Looks like someone at CNN confused the capabilities of the Cube with what Abe mentioned could be done with our other production 3D printers. While the Cube prints amazing objects up to 5 X 5 X 5 inches  – for full size shoes, etc. you can use the Cloud 3DPrint service on Cubify.com

Abe also featured on the Forbes Emerging Tech Report (PDF). In the interview Abe speaks about how 3D printing is becoming more accessible with Cubify and explain where he thinks the price of 3D printers are headed. Here is part of the interview.

(Q) As this consumer space emerges, do you envision something akin to a “Moore’s Law of 3D printing,” where dropping costs make the technology more approachable for both consumers and manufacturers?

(A) Absolutely. For almost five years, I’ve predicted that 3D printers will become increasingly accessible as the price points drop. Our first low cost printer was $9,900; a couple years later we produced the first $3,900 printer, and in the next few years we will bring to market a 3D printer substantially below $1,000—and the following one will be below $500. There are no barriers to achieve this, besides the elasticity that comes with volume and accelerated adoption. The driving force of mass adoption is not just the price — it’s the simplicity of content-to-print.

Personally, it feels great to be part of something that has the potential of changing the world that we live in. I know it will.